Getting into comics How did you get into comics?

As with every job early on in my career, it came from me showing my portfolio to an editor or an art director. In recent years my previous published work serves the purpose of a portfolio, but the principle is the same, for the companies to be able to see in your work the promise of what you can create for them. Bigger companies prefer to see previously published work as that gives them the confidence that you are reliable and can see a project through.

Getting into comics How would you recommend I get into the industry?

There is no set way to go about this, if you talk to artists you will find that many have different stories. My best advice is to practice a lot and build a very strong portfolio. The internet means that these days it's much easier to get your work seen more easily, so having an online presence is a must, but don't discount the importance of getting to a show and meeting an editor in person for a portfolio review if you can. They can get a good feel for your work and for you as a person.

Remember: be persistent, but don't be a nuisance.

Creating the Art Coming soon!

Creating the Art What materials do you use?

I prefer smooth cotton paper like Fabriano or Arches watercolour boards, and I work at a size of 10"x15". I then create the piece using pencil, my current weapons of choice are a 2mm lead holder and a mechanical pencil, both 2B, and ink, including fine liners and brush pens. For washes I use watercolour or gouache, and occasionally use Copic markers, particularly for metallic surfaces.

Purchasing original artwork from the website How do I purchase piece from the website?

Once you've decided on the piece or pieces that you're interested in, please contact us using the contact form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Purchasing original artwork from the website Do you have any other pieces for sale other than what is currently listed?

Everything available for sale is up on the site. We add new pieces when we are allowed to show them after the books have been announced. If it's not on the site, it has already sold.

Commissions, sketches and signatures Are you currently accepting commissions?

The at-home commission list is currently closed as it got extremely long, and with my work schedule we decided it best to close it for now. We'll update when it opens again.

Commissions, sketches and signatures How about commissions at shows?

Yes. I do commissions at conventions. These are quicker than the at-home commissions and I generally prefer to work with single characters as multiple characters take much more time to lay out.

I draw and paint on high quality A3 size watercolour paper at shows, and work predominantly in pencil, ink and watercolour. I offer black and white or coloured busts and 3/4 figures. We open the commission list for shows usually about a month in advance, so please keep an eye out on our Facebook page and on Twitter for the announcement of the list going live for the particular show you're interested in. If you decide you want a piece I strongly recommend you decide quickly and contact Tamsin as soon as you can, as I can only do a limited number of pieces at any given show and if you wait, you may be disappointed to find the list has filled up.

For show commissions, we ask that you be there to collect your piece, or have a friend who can collect on your behalf. We do not ship these out. For full details of prices and other information, please message us through the contact form or send us an e-mail. Thank you!

Commissions, sketches and signatures What do you charge for signing books?

Signatures are free! I will sign any number of books and other official merchandise (no bootlegs) for you, but we ask that you be respectful of other people waiting and limit how many books you'd like signed to a maximum of 10 if there is a queue.

If there's no queue, I will happily sign multiple books for you. The only stipulation is that you must be polite--if you throw a stack of books at me for signing without so much as a please or thank you, you will get precisely zero books signed.

Commissions, sketches and signatures Will you sign my books/trading cards for me, or do me a free sketch, if I post my items to you at home?

No, sorry. I don't have time as my schedule is very busy.

Information for convention organisers Will you attend our convention or festival, or do a signing at our store?

Thank you very much for thinking of me as a guest for your event. I attend a number of shows every year, but can't attend every one I am invited to due to deadlines and work commitments. However, if you can offer reasonable transportation and accommodation for my wife and me, then I will give your event serious consideration. Please contact Tamsin through the e-mail provided on the website with any queries relating to convention appearances.

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